All about us

In 1904, after moving from Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, to Belfast, James Brown set up his own business, starting with just a horse and harness which he hired out to a local coal merchant to help with the coal deliveries. 

Realising the business opportunities of the day and the potential for development, he quickly progressed from hiring his horse to owning a horse-drawn lorry, which he too used for coal deliveries.

It was not long before he expanded the business into furniture removals and by that stage the name James Brown was well known in East Belfast as a well established, reliable local business. The firm’s first motorised vehicles were used as taxis and for weddings.

“In 1932, the business arranged its first funeral.”

In the mid 1930’s the business relocated to 300 Newtownards Road and by 1954 the premises had been extended to meet the growing demands for storage as the business was still mainly in furniture removals.

The business continued to expand in the 1960’s, however by the 1970’s the focus of the business had moved towards providing quality funeral services. New funeral homes were opened in South Belfast, Newtownabbey and Dundonald in 1975, 1980 and 1992 respectively.

Following on from the success of those years, in 1988, the business was sold and the funeral services and furniture removals each became separate businesses.

In the late 1980’s James Brown and Sons Funeral Services merged with a select number of other funeral homes within Northern Ireland and formed Funeral Services Northern Ireland.

“James Brown and Sons now have a combined wealth of expertise to provide the finest standards of caring and professional funeral services, while still maintaining the name upon which James Brown and Sons had been successfully built.”