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Grief book offers comfort

Faced with the enormity of losing siblings, parents, or grandparents, it is often difficult for children to express their grief or to understand what is happening in their family.

Funeral Partners funeral homes in Northern Ireland are offering some comfort by providing an interactive book of remembrance aimed at answering some tough questions and helping children articulate special memories of the loved one they have lost.

Each page of the fully illustrated book helps the reader evoke memories of their loved one through the senses and encourages them to put pen to paper, to include photographs of people and places as reminders of happy times and explains the meanings of words which might be unfamiliar.

Andrew Neale of James Brown & Sons Funeral Directors, Belfast, said: “Throughout 2020, we have seen the upset and confusion on the faces of children attending funerals who are not only trying to make sense of the death of a loved one but also the disruption to their daily lives due to the pandemic. The adults around them are trying to navigate their way through their own pain of loss in these most unusual of circumstances.

“Caring is at the heart of our business and since we cannot offer any physical comfort to the bereaved at this time, we want to reach out to offer support through the provision of these remembrance books which we trust will be of some comfort and help to the little ones who maybe can’t quite comprehend what is going on around them.”

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